Blue spots in vision
by SpankiDoodle, May 20, 2008
Hi, I am over 60 years old and have been seeing blue spots in my vision for about a year and a half.  I have asked my glaucoma specialist and he has never heard of this, and neither has my family doctor.  I have glaucoma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and just since I have developed high blood pressure, it seems that this is when it developed.   The blue flashes started out with a round flash that lasts just a second, and happens randomly just every once in a while, looking like the flashes that you see when taking the visual field test that the computer generates.   Those flashes are white, but mine are neon blue.   Now I see them more often than when it first started.  The other day I rubbed my eyes and saw what looked like a grid of the blue dots, but this doesn't happen every time I rub my eyes.  The flashes seem to be more prominate on my left eye, the one that has damage from the glaucoma, but I see them in both eyes.   I have read some of the blobs about spots in the vision and it being normal, but I have not seen these all my life, so these are not normal for me.  I have had a couple events with ocular migraine, and the eye doctor said I had classic events, and this is nothing like that.  Is it my age, or is it from glaucoma, or is it due to something else, or just changes in my eyes?   Some nurses I have talked with seem to think it's neurological.  Thanks for letting me know.
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It's not your age, its not normal, its not glaucoma. Others have complained of the same phenomenon. You might be able to pull them us with the search feature. One person had an EEG which showed atypical seizures causing them.  Discuss this with your glaucoma Eye MD. I would suggest a neuro-ophthalmology referral.

by Mcrobles, Sep 04, 2014
I see the same but more spots that I see peoples faces blue.  The doctors I see don't know what it is.