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Blurred Vision - Right Eye Only
Yesterday afternoon on my way home I noticed that objects (signs and text) seemed blurry in my right eye despite the fact that my glasses where on.  My vision is roughly 20/60.  I presumed that my eye was tired after working 3-4 long days/nights in front of the computer (approximately 12-13 hours behind a CRT each day).

I went home, did about 1.5 hours of work on the PC and then hit the sack early at 9:30.  I probably didn't fall asleep until about 11:00.  I got a pretty good nights sleep and got up this morning at 7:00 - but my vision is still blurry.  It's not terribly bad, but enough to be a nuisance and a definite loss of sharpness.  I can only get clear vision from text (computer screen,printed,etc) by getting about 6-8 inches from it (which I'm not doing constantly, just to see if it made a difference).  

I spoke with my brother this morning (he works on PC's all day too) and he said this had happened to him a couple times before and usually subsided in a week or so.  

Could this be due to fatigue?  Dry eye perhaps?  Is this something that I should have checked out by my optometrist?  Should I give it a few days to see if it subsides on its own?  Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.  THANK YOU!
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There are severeal things that might cause this, dry eyes is not likely. Could be something as simple as a change in your glasses or contact lens prescription, to spasm or cramping of the focusing muscle in the eye to medical problems.

I would schedule an examination with your 'eye doctor' in the near future.

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