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Blurred vision in ONE eye
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Blurred vision in ONE eye

For about two months, my right eye started to feel "sticky" with blurry vision and slight tearing.  Symptoms subsided for a couple of weeks, and then began again recently.  I have sinus issues but never had a symptom specific to one eye like this.  I feel like i want to physically pull open on the lid to get some relief to try to clear my vision, but its not really doing anything.  The right side of my face and above my eye frequently feels like the sinuses are congested.  My nose also runs often on that side, as it has always been that way. I am going to the doctor next week but want some ideas of what i could possibly have.
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Remember, I am not your doctor and you need to consult with your own personal primary care doctor and ophthalmologist.  You may have some issues with allergies of the sinuses, nose and conjunctiva.  The sticky eye and tearing could be a result of some passive swelling causing a partial blockage of the nasolacrimal duct system which takes the excess tears from the eye to the nose.  In summary, see your primary care doctor regarding possible your symptoms with special attention to possible allergies, nose and sinus problems and see an ophthalmologist for your eye.

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