Blurry Line
by trueflaw, Aug 07, 2007
I've been experiencing a blurring vision on a rare basis and as of late it's scaring me.

-This has happened 3 times so far.
-Happened once at late night,  once in the afternoon, and once right after waking up one morning.
-The three occasions it happened was 2 weeks apart from each occurrence.

I get a blurred line that starts from the center of my focus and streaks out to the right(slightly upwards) then loops downwards to the almost center bottom of my sight.  Almost like a semi circle.  This blur is sort of like a distortion of color, not sure if that's technically a blur.  But after it circles my sight, I can almost not see to the right.  Not that it's blacked out, it's just extremely color distorted that I can't focus at all off to the right, or my main focus point.  This happens for about 20 minutes, then it just goes away.

It seemed to effect my entire vision.  If I closed one eye, I could still see it all the same, the line starting from my main focus point and loop around in the semi circle.

Is this a serious issue?  Or just a random case of pressure in the brain or something.  

Thanks in advance.
Your symptoms could be serious but usually represent a form of ocular migraine. You do need a complete comprehensive medical eye examination with an Eye MD (ophthalmologist) and to see your personal physician. You may need some extra tests such as MRI, carotid doppler and ECHO heart test depending on your age, and other health care risks. Use the search feature on this page to look up previous discussions of eye migraine, ocular migraine and migraine.

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by trueflaw, Aug 07, 2007
Kind of correct myself, it is more a blur, kind of a jagged line.
by trueflaw, Aug 07, 2007
Image is similar to the effect, just going down instead of up.  Site I got it from talks about Migraines, but I havn't had any of those in a long time.
by trueflaw, Aug 07, 2007
Sorry, I'm 24, forgot to add that.  I appreciate the help sir.
At your age eye migraine is far more likely than the other conditions but it should still be evaluated as above.

JCH MD Eye Physician & Surgeon
by ZakD, Dec 24, 2009