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Brief and Sudden Involuntary Eye Crossing
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Brief and Sudden Involuntary Eye Crossing

I am a 41 yr old female, with no prior eye issues - don't wear glasses and had a good exam in January.  For about 9 months now I have had a problem with my eyes feeling like they were crossing suddenly but for only a brief amount of time.  This, at first only happened once in a great while, then seemed to go away, but came back worse.  It has happened while at the store and I feel like my eyes decided to move independently of each other for only under a minute ( I had no control).  My eyes would hurt alot after that and my anxiety was way up for fear of what was going on.  When this happens, I can't focus and feel like I may fall.  It has never happened while driving, yet, but I fear that it may.  I went to my pcp who then sent me to a neurologist because he had no idea.  The neurologist couldn't come up with anything but had me do an MRI.  MRI didn't show anything relating to an eye problem - just some calcified "bubbles" (that seems to be another problem).  We thought that all would be well and my symptoms seemed to subside by then.  My thyroid level was VERY low and we corrected that and thought that might have been the culprit - Not.  I just recently had an episode that was worse then my others.  My eyes felt like they were crossing and I had NO control and couldn't see clearly at all.  This lasted a few minutes then gradually went away.  I really felt them crossing.  I swear, if you looked at me, they probably would've been.  What could this be?????  Should I push this issue with my neurologist or an opthamoligist?  I am going to get another eye exam soon and see what they come up with.  Was just wondering if you could help me by giving some ideas of what could cause symptoms like this.?  Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.  I am just hoping that someone eventually will have heard of someone w/ this same issue.
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A lot of very useful information could be gained with a complete exam with an ophthalmologist.  I would want to know the refraction and the cycloplegic refraction.  Also I would look closely for any tendency for eyes to turn in or out, or any accommodative spasm.  It is possible that your eyes really do turn in or have a tendency to.  I have seen patients who did well for years, then took a new medication for some problem that caused the eyes to decompensate and start turning inward.  I think for now the ophthalmologist might be able to help you more than a neurologist.  Later if no answers, you could consider seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist.  Your symptoms are not off the wall and I believe a real answer can be found.

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