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Can I go for Laser after Cataract surgery?
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Can I go for Laser after Cataract surgery?

I am 50 years old man having cataract on both eyes. Eye Surgeon advised me to have surgery for Right Eye first on 19th March 2014 and Left Eye on 9th May 2014 which is covered under OHIP. I had IOL Master test also.
Now I have a question to medical professionals?
Can I have Laser correction for near vision after cataract surgery?
or Can I use Contact lenses for near Vision?
I am very much worried of my situation.
Awaiting your professional advise.
Thanks & Regards
Meher Kiran
If your cataract surgeon is implanting a monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) in each eye for distance, you will need to wear glasses for reading.  If one IOL is set for near vision, your dominant eye would be used for distance and the other eye for near activities.  Try this out in the office with trial lenses before surgery to be sure you are comfortable with monovision.  Yes, you are able to have LASIK to correct one eye for near after cataract surgery, but an IOL set for near is a better option to correct the eye in one procedure.  Contact lenses may be worn after cataract surgery.
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