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Cataract Removal after Macular Hole Surgery Dr. Hagan or Dr. Kutryb
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Cataract Removal after Macular Hole Surgery Dr. Hagan or Dr. Kutryb

I had my macular hole surgery Feb. 2008 which was not successful and now have a cataract. My peripheral vision is now blurry and night driving is extremely difficult with the halo effect with lights. When would be the best time to have this removed? I have an appointment with the surgeon in Dec. but wonder if I should pursue an earlier appointment?
Please give me some advice to what lens I should have as I have extreme sensitivities to contact lenses and have been unable to wear them. Would this be the same with the lens that will be replaced during cataract removal. Also, I would like a lens where I could read because I only use my glasses for distance.
Thank you!
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With a macular hole, you will have definite reading problems, regardless of which implant  you get. Three great options  for implant are Alcon Acrysof IQ, AMO Tecnis, and Bausch and Lomb LIG1AO and AO lens.  With vision distorted by your macular hole, however, you won't be able to tell any of these aspheric lenses and a regular lens implant.  It may be important to remain significantly nearsighted to keep that magnified near effect you are used to having.  I would advise surgery for the cataract when your retinal specialist recommends it.  Why are you calling the macular hole surgery a failure?  You should have know beforehand that the vision would still be nowhere near normal but hopefully the blind spot would be a little smaller and that you would quickly probably develop a cataract and need cataract surgery.  Hopefully  you will finally notice at least a little improvement after the cataract surgery is finished.

The reason I call the macular hole surgery a failure is I have been told that by the surgeon. There was very little discussion about outcome or even what to expect before during or after surgery. Also, I did not know I had other spots lasered during the surgery until 4 months later and not by the surgeon who performed the surgery. Cataract? I was told because of my age I probably wouldn't have one right away (years). I am thankful I found this forum because I have obtained valuable information which has been helpful post surgery but would have been extremely helpful leading into the surgery and a few weeks after.
Thank you for the valuable service you offer to all eye patients.
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