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Cataract surgery comlication
I had cataract surgery done about 5 weeks back, I was on steroid eye drops for 3 weeks. 2 days after I stopped the eye drops, my eye became very painful and light sensitive, I was askied to restart my eye drops and I am doing better. My eye flickers whenver I try to read on use my near vision and it is very bothersome. My eye examination was normal 4 weeks after surgery (while on steorid drops).
My eye doctor does not know why my eye flickers and what will be long term prognosis regrding flickering and eye pain/photosensitivity.
Any idea?
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The flare up of pain and sensitivity to light indicate a post operative iritis. It should respond to reinstitution of the steroid drops and you should be able to taper off it in several weeks. If it keeps coming back get a second opinion from a retina specialist to see if it might be a low grade eye infection (endophthalmitis).

The flicker you see is in almost all cases reflections from the IOL. It can be due to misposition of the IOL or due to the type of IOL (ReZoom is worst). Any IOL can cause these problems which are referred to as "dysphotopsia".

It its still a problem after you go off ther steroid drops then I would get a second opinion. Often these reflections get better with time. Rarely the IOL has to be replaced or repositioned.

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