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Clogged eyelid pores
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Clogged eyelid pores


Last year, I wore my contacts dirty and it became uncomfortable and even tho I changed them to a clean one they were still uncomfortable, so I thought I have GPC, the doctor put on on Lotemax for 7 weeks. Lotemax didn't fix anything so I stopped using it. For the past couple of month I have been getting small bumps on my lower and upper eye lid that come and go every couple of days.They usually return the same place when I get them. This condition has been getting a bid worse lately, I searched around on the internet to find a solution and it said it can occur with hormone changes. I'm 19 and now growing my wisdom teeth could that be related to this? It also said that taking a Fish oil pill can help, it also recommended that I uses hot compresses 4 times a day for 10 min on each eye. For how long do I have to do this?

Are there any better solutions to this?

Is this something that would go away in a year or so?
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Hello arya6000   We can be pretty sure this is not due to your wisdom teeth coming in. The condition that seems most likely is blepharitis which is like dandruff of the eyelashes. It's not a hygeine problem but rather an oil gland problem like acne. It can be related to hormonal changes in the same way that acne is most common in adolescence. However blepharitis can occur at any age. There are some different types of blepharitis that can be identified with a personal examination.

Blepharitis can occur along with dry eyes. Both problems are more common in women than men (isn't fair is it?). Oral fish oil pills can help dry eye but will not likely help blepharitis.

Both blepharitis and dry eyes are common reasons for contact lens to be uncomfortable (sometimes rather suddenly). The dirty contact lens does not cause blepharitis or dry eyes (can cause GPC-giant papillary conjunctivitis).

I would recommend you see an ophthalmologist (eye physician or Eye MD) for a complete comprehensive medical eye examination. You might request that the Eye MD look at your eyelids and eye before any eyedrops are put in the eye. You and the Eye MD might discuss a Schirmer test which is a way to try and quantifiy dry eyes. You do not have a definative diagnosis yet.  Both blepharitis and dry eyes can wax and wane but both may last for very long periods of time (yrs and yrs).

JCH MD Eye Physician and Surgeon
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