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Congenital Degenerative Myopia
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Congenital Degenerative Myopia

Iam 21 yr old and I have very high myopia since birth. The doctor discovered that i had around -8D when i was 2. When i was 10 i had -13D. In the second grade of high school my diopters were -23D R and -25D L withoud astygmatism (wich is i think -2). Since then (16yrd) my myopia progressed very slowly. I have same contact lenses prescription (-18, -21) since then. Now my doctor decided to gve me -23D both eyes but she said that my myopia dont seem to progress. When i was 16 i was also diagnosed of degenerative myopia. I see fine. I have never had problems with my vision. OK. it strue that my vision was far not that good that the vision of others but i had a very normal life. I am a graphic designer and i am very good at it. The doctor always said to me that my eye is fine. That I have a thin retina so avoid head trauma and sports and if i notice floaters ect. to see the doctor ASAP, and if i do so, everything will be ok.

But i start reading about my diagnose across the internet and i am very scared. I do not find myself in any post or anything cause my myopia was always progressing like 1D per year and not 4D like it does in people with patological myopia.

How probably is that my myopia will start worsen again?
Why is the reason that degenerative  cause that the eye keeps on growing?
Can be my myopia stable now?
I am confused: degenerative myopia is a condition that damage your fundus. Degenerative myopia is progressing also in adulthood. So its possible that degenerative myopia wich is affecting the fundus of the eye is non-progressive???? And if the degenerative myopia is non-progressive is it less dangerouse than progressive? So my logic is that if my myopia is stable now and if i eat healthy and have no head trauma i will be fine.

Please help. Its ironic but iam good only in visual things, painting, designing, photography, video... and if i loose my vision i dont knowif i would stand it.

Thanks for your answer

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Don't worry.  It could progress given how myopic you are but it is a good sign if it has stabilized.  There are a few things you are at risk for including choroidal neovascularization, retinal detachment, etc but if you get frequent exams you should have no problems.  I recommend you get a full dilated exam twice a year by a retina specialist in addition to your annual visits with your ophthalmologist to make sure any problems are caught early.

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Thank u a lot :))... i have my visit every 3 months. How about retinal detachment? If recognised and treated early could my vision be saved? Is there a significant difference between a retinal detachment of a high myopic person or a person without other problems? I know lot of people without problems after retina detachment surgery was very sucesfull. I suppose i dont have the same chances or did i?

And one another thing.. I notticed that people are very pesimistic. I try to be optimistic and take it as a challange. My ophthalmologist also said that she has a lot of old people, very myopic whose started to have problems in their late 50s and late 60s! And i also think that we (young myopes) have more chances to preserve the vision due to new tratments... and who knows where the medicine will go, am i right? I think today if you are visiting a good ophthalmologist an retinal expert and follow their avdvices u can peserve good vision for a long time... am i right? :)
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