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Constant Eye Discharge from One Eye (got worse over time!)
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Constant Eye Discharge from One Eye (got worse over time!)


I have had this problem for many years and it's so frustrating.

- I know it's difficult but I'm looking for a correct diagnosis
- A resource/person to turn to
- I'm also considering having surgery on this eye but concerned.

It's really affecting my life - I'm in my 30's now and want to get it sorted out once and for all (no matter what I have to do).

This is the background:
- I've seen countless specialists and I regard most as useless. Why? They aren't prepared to think outside their little box or square and get to the route cause of the problem. That's the most frustrating part for me...you rely on these guys.
- I don't believe the eye specialists I have seen understand the problem and don't give me the time of day. Perhaps to them it's no big deal but to me it really is.
- It's my left eye that constantly get's heavy and I can feel discharge there and it's always visibly noticeable throughout the day (my right eye is fine).
- That's why to me it's even more frustrating because it's just the one eye.
- It's almost as though the muscle or something has losened or perhaps a nerve in the left corner as when I rub that one (as opposed to my right) the muscle seems a lot looser and more liquidy. Perhaps it needs tightening or something.
- I do use the computer a lot with my work but I don't believe that is directly related to the problem.

It's always just in the corner of my left eye (a white discharge like sleep just hasnt been wiped out properly). No matter how many times I wipe it out it just there in the corner. I drink coffee a few times a day and notice that it does flare up in that eye when I'm drinking it.

It's very embarassing and makes me very self-conscious. I avoid going out completely and am now a total introvert.

I've used all sorts of eye drops (preservative and no preservative) and tried no drops as well.

I've been to quite a few eye specialists now and they say it's a mixture of allergies and dry eyes and prescribed pathanol and non preservative eye drops.  The last eye specialist however said it's not "dry eye" at and told me to use johnson baby shampoo and a cream at night called Siguent Hycor.

However so far this hasn't helped at all - again not understanding the problem it's the left eye that has discharge coming out of it (yes the baby shampoo can help for cleansing but it will not resolve the problem in the left corner).

I've also recently started taking supplements and concentrating on diet because I don't believe that an eye drop can assist the problem and I'm tired of people not addressing the problem correctly. So I take:
* Silica (only started few days ago)
* Blackmore Macu-vision (just started)
* Flaxseed Oil (cold pressed)

I would really appreciate some help and thought on this!

There must be a solution out there!

Many thanks.
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This is all I have to say and I will not dialog this. The huge majority of people with a history like this have "mucous fishing syndrome"

Here is a reference to get your started. The great majority of people I have seen with this syndrome have underlying untreated general anxiety disorder.

Start your reading here:

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Thanks for your response and yes I've read about this. I've done my research around the net and to be honest there is a lot of talk of symptoms but little of advice/direct help in my opinion.

Your resource was good as well but even it dates back to 2001 which also says something in itself in my opinion (which I know still applies) but it doesn't even link to more reading (well it does but it's very limiting).

The diagnosis might be correct but I've gone lengths of time without touching my eye and it makes no difference. So I'm skeptical of such a diagnosis.

What would you suggest in my situation then as a next action step? I would really like to speak to someone knowledgeable about this.


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I had never heard about this problem, mucus fishing syndrome, until recently (first read of it on this board), so I spent a little time looking for resources on the web.  There is a LOT of information out there.  In fact, if you google the term, you will not only find medical articles more recent than the one you object to,  but even find forums devoted to mucus fishing, where people describe what they're dealing with in great detail, as here:


As far as the medical history of the condition goes, it seems that what sets it off is something that truly irritates the eye (irritation, allergy, dry eye syndrome, etc), which produces more mucus as a protective response.  Then, of course, the patient feels he has to remove the mucus.  If the original stimulus is not addressed, the situation becomes self-renewing and perpetual.

Many of the articles regarding treatment mention the use of a short course of steroids, plus drops like Opti-Crom or other mast cell stabilizers.  Some doctors suggest the off-label use of a diluted N-acetylcysteine solution.

However, there is often a heavy duty obsessive-compulsive component to the problem, which psychological treatment can help--but which patients really, really do not want to admit.  Treatment is difficult unless they are willing to address and accept that part of it.  If a patient complains of social isolation due to the mucus, that's a dead giveaway to the psych aspect.
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The above is a good set of recommendations. thanks JCH MD
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You are welcome, Doctor.  

This is a unique forum in that the doctors are quickly responsive to questions.  Several discussions here have really opened my eyes (so to speak), and I am grateful for the existence of Medhelp's Eye Care Community.
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Firstly, thanks for your comment.

1. I do appreciate your answers and yes whilst some of you say might be true but I don't believe most of it is correct.

2. Although I've read all of those forums and people constantly say they pull strings out etc and they go on and on. I NEVER DO THAT. I don't get joy and happiness.So if they rate as a 10/10 then I'd rate as a 1. Also it's not both eyes for me just the one (but my main point is the former).

3. Realistically, the only time I touch/wipe (not pull strings) would be a few times a day when I check in the mirror and it's just in the corner. I don't pull down my eyelids etc...pull out strings.

4. This is my theory.
* For a number of years I used a preservative eye drop (9 years) and whatever reason OCD or whatever I always put more/probably excessive amounts of drop in my left eye. That eye always felt worst.
* From my research I read it's dangerous to use a preservative eye drop excessively for a number of years as your body can build up an immunity to it and maybe also it ruins that part of the tear film (whatever is the correct term). I've pretty much used the same brand of eye drop for those years...not chopped/changed like others.
* I've tried (I believe it was for 10 days) of not putting any drop into my eyes as I thought maybe this is why but it didn't help.

Anyway to cut a long story short...this is what I plan to speak to my specialist about. So yes your the right arm may be stronger than the left (etc etc) but there is always a reason people. Think about that.
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