Contacts Blurry / Hazy for no apparent reason
by RobertJ, Jul 16, 2009
Problem: Blurry Contacts in both eyes with the left eye more blurry than the right.

I wore Acuvue Oasys for about 2 years and stop wearring them last year for only one reason; they were itchy on my eyes sometimes.  The RX was -1.00, BC 8.4, DIA 14.0.  The doctor replaced those with the once I currently wear, 1-Day Acuvue moist.  The Rx is  -1.00, BC 8.5, DIA 14.2.  He also left the old Acuvue Oasys RX on file in case I wanted to still wear those due to the cost of the 1-Day Moist Contacts.

I decided to save money the other day and bought the Acuvue Oasys again.  I put them on at home and they are very blurry up close and far away starting from the moment i put them until i took them off a couple of hours later.   I went back to the doctor and he examined the lenses and found nothing wrong with them.  He did the vision part of they exam to max sure my vision was 20/20, but did not recheck my eye dimensions. He said he could not understand why they would work a year ago and not work now.  He gave me a trial of Air Optix Night & Day with an RX of -1.00, BC 8.4, DIA 13.8.  They are very blurry too, just like the Acuvue Oasys.  

The only real thing I see that is common on the blurry contacts is a common BC of 8.4; the ones that work, 1-Day Moist, have a BC of 8.5 as stated above.  Could the BC cause this blurriness?  Any advice or other ideas?
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by Ray T Oyakawa, MDBlank, Jul 16, 2009
I can not help with out an exam.  You give too little details.  Age, refraction, etc.

Dr. O.
by crydea, Jul 17, 2009
Not sure if this will help, but I wore colored contact lenses a few years ago from Acuvue and had no problems. I decided to go colored again a year ago and the lenses were very blurry, my eyes were watery, itchy, and i could not see right. Went back to the doctor and found out I had developed an allergy to that particular lense. Switched lense type (no colored) and see perfectly fine. Dr said this was not very common but that he was certain I was allergic to those lenses.
by RobertJ, Jul 17, 2009
Hey I am up for any opinion.  Maybe that is it.  I just don't understand why it would be blurry from the very second i put them in my eye for the first time in ages. I was just saying in my post that the Doctor sees nothing wrong with my eyes. I just was asking if it was possible that my eyes adjusted to the new BC and the smaller one is not working now. I will be sure to mention allergies when I go in next time. I just want to be able to wear the new contacts that you can keep in your eye and sleep in them because when I fall asleep once in a blue moon, they get dry :-)