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Dark Spot In Vision
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Dark Spot In Vision

I have been to an Ophthalmologist for checkups twice for my eyes in the last 3 months; I went once for the sudden onset of floaters and another for a dark spot i see in my eye.  They both times gave me a dilated eye exam, and then gave me a visual acuity test which both came back fine. I would like to describe the dark spot that seems to come and go and describe what I see when the spot comes

The dark spot is in my left eye only.  The spots precise location can be found by looking  straight ahead and drawing a diagonal line to the top right of the monitor.  The spot is two inches or so up that diagonal line from the center of my eye.  When i blink, which is how i discovered it in the first place, the spot appears with a blackish color and then fades.  The problem is that my brain is apparently filling in that spot with like colors after it fades. For instance if I look at a light pole with my right eye covered, my left eye will see the pole as if it is not connected and the light is floating in the air.   I am assuming that it is not there all of the time because it went away before my appointment  and the visual acuity test came back fine.  Could this be some kind of migraine?  My head does not hurt. The only medications I am on is Prevacid. I was on Zantac 150 but switched to Prevacid.   I first saw the spot before I was on any medication.  I have another follow up scheduled for the 27th because when I described my symptoms they had me come in that day to see an available Ophthalmologist MD.  I would have asked more questions when I went to my checkup but the doctor sent me to a visual acuity test and I did not see him again.  I will ask more questions on the 27th of this month.  Thank you for your time.  What could this be?
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Use your search engine and look up Amser Grid  read about how to take the test. print out a grid. Test you eye and see if you can locate the spot on the grid.

Also consider asking for a visual field test also called a peripheral vision test next time you're in if you have not had one. you will probably need to call ahead and schedule it when you have your check up. I think you've had this test----you buzz when you see the little light.

If the next exam doesn't turn up anything ask your ophthalmologist about a consult with a retina doctor or neuroophthalmologist.


I do not know why I called it a visual acuity test. I mean the test where you look at a center spot and  the machine blinks lights  and you mash a button when you see them to see what parts of your vision are damaged. For some reason I can not think of the name.
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