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Differences/reasons for Goldman's Test & Field Of Vision
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Differences/reasons for Goldman's Test & Field Of Vision

Hi, My husband is being evaluated by a neuro-opthalmalogist and will be administered what we understand to be two tests: a Field of Vision test and a Goldman's Test.

What do each of these tests deal with -- I guess the Field of Vision) is pretty self-explanatory -- but have never heard of the Goldman's.

Also, will his eyes be dilated for these tests?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

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In very general terms the field of vision test is usally an automated computerized test (Zeiss/Humphrey or Octopus) and has standardized comparisons for similarly aged patients. The Goldman is an old fashioned manually operated test often used for disability exams and sometimes for neuro-ophthalmology exams.  It offers a more dynamic, changable test but is very dependant on the skill of the examiner.  No dilation needed.

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Dear Dr. Kutryb,

Thank you so much for your response. Husband has a rather large anachroid sella pressing on pituitary (pituitary is damaged as result), very near to optic chiasm (sp)?. Neuro-surgeon does not recommend surgery, but recommended the Field of Vision and Goldman's tests to benchmark visual stats and monitor going forward.

We are supposedly seeing an extremely capable neuro-opthalmologist, so hopefully her skill level will be useful in administering the Goldman's.

Really helps to know a bit more of what's to come, as his appt. is Monday. And nice that it doesn't require dilation. Thank you again so very much
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