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Direct blow to the eyeball
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Direct blow to the eyeball

Here goes, today I was working on a car. While I was underneath it, a small nut struck my eyeball directly (10mm nut fell about 12inches). It was kind of dark where I was working so I didn't see it coming and move. At any rate, since then I have had blurry vision and halos' around  bright lights (brake lights but not taillights, Num lock indicator LED on the keyboard,etc.). Also, I get double vision. See 2 of the same object, thats about the best way I can describe it. Other than that my vision is still pretty good.

As for the injury, there is no bruising or any visible damage to the eyeball. My vision is 13/20 - left eye and was 15/20 in the right.  

Should I be worried about this? Will the blurriness go away after some time (healing period)? Would an opthalmolgist really be able to do anything for this?

I know I should've been wearing safety glasses. I do when I'm using power tools. Guess Ill wear them all the time from now on.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello GreaseMonkey  An injury like you had can abrade or scratch the cornea, bruise the inside of the eye, cause bleeding and inflammation in the eye. There's also a small chance of a detached retina. You need to overcome your aversion to seeing physicians and get into an ophthalmologist (Eye MD) to evaluate the damage.

PS: You had better stop doing "self surgery" on your eyelids before you do some serious damage or get a bad eye infection.

JCH MD Eye Physician and Surgeon (Ophthalmologist  = Eye MD)
Thanks for the reply. My sight went back to normal after a nights sleep.

  I do have an aversion to seeing doctors. I just haven't had good luck with MD's in general. I had a fracture in my right foot, it took 2 months and over 30 xrays to find it. Another is my wife has vasovagal syncope. She went to several MD's several times trying to find out why she kept fainting. They changed her medication, birth control pills, etc. all to no avail. After getting fed up with the doctors, I decided to do some of my own research. It literally took me about 5 minutes to find out what she had. I took her to the E.R. told the triage nurse what I thought she had and even what test they need to administer to verify her condition. I was right. All she needed to do was add sodium to her diet.

Also, Im sick of doctors trying to push their damn drugs on me. I dont want to take them and more than likely wont, (unless its antibiotic for an infection of some sort).
  I had surgery when I was 17, after a year I still had re-ocurring pain from my incision. I went to the "pain clinic" and of course they prescribed me some drugs. I didnt take them. Come to find out the drugs were for epileptics. And later was taken off of the market because it caused fatalities and other psychological problems(neurontin).  Theres several more examples I could give.

So as you can see, after my personal experiences, I have little faith in the medical system.

As for my eyelids, I just removed something that wasnt there before. Aside from that it irritates the hell out of my eyeball, feels like its scratching it. Theyre clear and just full of water. The first one I removed by accident and after nothing happened, every time I get one I just tear it off. Ive removed several and havent had ANY issues.

Regardless, I appreciate your help sir.
-Grease monkey.
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