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Double vision in one eye!
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Double vision in one eye!

  I am 47, don't wear glasses and have no headaches.  The vision in my dominant eye (left) is good but, I notice several things about my right eye.  One, I see double in this eye, eg this "-" would look something like "=" and if the line is vertical the same thing happens. This occurs when looking at anything but is only noticable during close-up work.  Two, the vision in this eye (right) is also slightly dimmer and seems to be shifted to a slight red shade (barely noticable).  My GP doesn't know what this means if anything.  Should I follow-up with a specialist?
  Joe M.
As you have already determined, it is important to notice whether the double vision occurs with both eyes open or just one eye.  The causes are different.  The most common causes for one-eye double vision or in medical terms monocular diplopia include uncorrected astigmatism, corneal surface irregularities, lens abnormalities or cataract, or retinal disease.  As I have described, there are conditions from the very front to the back of the eye that can cause these symptoms.  The majority of causes are not serious.  Your history suggests that you may have an uncorrected astigmatism which is where the cornea has the shape of a football rather than a spherical basketball.  This is very common.  This would also cause the vision in this eye to be blurred and it may induce the slight color distortion that you are noticing.  I certainly suggest that you see an ophthalmologist for a complete eye examination.  
At Henry Ford, we have ophthalmology clinics scattered throughout southeast Michigan and we would be happy to evaluate you.  Please call 3139162020 to find the clinic closest to you.
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