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Double vision to choose blocking the bad eye
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Double vision to choose blocking the bad eye

I am now 30. i have an lazy eye on the left and double vision with both eyes. i wear a pair of -16.00 glases on both eyes. the doctor tried to correct the double vision with prism lens, making worse vision subjectively and even when two images are fit in place the blurry eye vision is interfering my good eye's vision. i am using simple lens of glasses now.

Resently, i try patching the bad eye with a tape on the middle half of glasses on the left side so that it cannot block the outer view of the left side, even though i cannot see clearly with my left eye, i can know some of the objcets on the left. It helps me better seeing while reading. Because the blurry eye cannot interfere the eye field of the good eye.

I would like to know if that makes me worse or damage my eye? what should i do to get it without noticed by other people?
The simple answer is that you are not damaging your eye further by covering it.  Without an exam and knowing the full history, I would not be able to help you figure out what is the best way out of this situation.  Why is it bothering you now when the lazy eye was there your whole life?  How bad is the vision in the lazy eye?  Did something change?  Have you had strabismus surgery in the past?  You should make sure you are seeing an ophthalmologist/eye MD for this so they could ask the right questions and come up with a solution that is acceptable to you.

thank you doctor. There is no change recently. I just want to improve my eye sight. I see the doctor every year at least to have my retinas checked.

I can only see bury image for the biggest letter of the chart with any lens in the test, the machine dosen't estimate the degree of lens it needs. I see more dark in the left compared to the right.

I am now in Chinese speaking country and i saw several different eye doctors here in two years. They can only check the eye condition, toldme to go to the emergency when i have symptoms of retina detachment  and  prescription for eye glasses or suggest option for contact lens. One LASIK doctor said she suggest not to have a LASIK as more risk than the benefits.  

I found out that covering half the glass of the left side makes me see better, especially when i read and ride the bicycle at night time without reducing visual field. It is annoying that many friends and acquaintances ask me what happened to my eye.
thank you for answering.
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