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Explantation/replacement of IOL
Thanks, I'll try to be brief: my friend's mother had cataract surgery both eyes last September. They are in Philippines. I had advised them to go to Manila to university hospital opth clinic and not to select the "premium" lens. She went instead to a local doc out in "the province" and he sold her the more expensive lens. As best I can understand it he implanted Alcon Restor.

The left eye has been troublesome, and I finally got them to go to Santo Tomas University Hosp in Manila Opth Clinic. The ophthalmologist there tells her the surgery was "the old procedure", the incision was too long , and the lens is damaged..."cracked".  He recommends that he replace the lens.

Question is: could a monofocal lens be installed in the left eye with the Restor remaining in the right eye, or would that be too much for the eyes to adjust to?

Thanks, Jim
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This is tolerable in many patients, but not everyone. If her right eye is doing well with the multifocal then the left eye should do fine with a monofocal lens.
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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