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Hello Dr's,

Would the symptoms of a gonorrhea or chlamydia eye infection would be obvious if I had the infection, (eg. continuous Pus/ Discharge from the eye)?

I had a potential exposure about 8 months ago, and although I don't believe I have either infection, I did have some conjunctivitis which lasted for a couple days about 6 months ago.
However, no obvious symptoms in 6 months.

Just checking that the eye gonorrohea/ chlamydia would ALWAYS have clear and prolonged discharge?
It would not be possible to have either infection and not know be aware of it, (or to have ongoing pus/discharge symptoms?

The CDC fact sheets appear to state that a gonorrhea/ chlamydia eye infection shows symptoms after a few days, (so my conjunctivitis 2 months after a potential exposure couldn't be related)?

Your reply & information would be appreciated
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It is unlikely that you have either eye infection at this time. GC (gonorrhea) conjunctivitis is usually very obvious, with copious purulent (pus) discharge. Chlamydia is less fulminant, but presents with redness, irritation, lid follicles (pumps inside the lid, due to collections of lymphocytes), sometimes ptosis (droopy upper lid), and pre-auricular lymph node (a lymph node in front of the ear by the jaw joint). Both infections require antibiotic treatment for resolution. I truly do not believe you have a problem, but both are sexually transmitted disease, so practice safe sex!
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