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I've had problems with my eyes ever since I can remember. When you're young, you assume that what you see is exactly what other people see. Its weird to think everyone sees the world through a different lens.

Anyway, to the point, I've been looking online to try and work out what exactly the problem is. I've looked on various sights and not really found anything that describes the way I seem to see things.

I've been to various good and not so good opticians and tried my hardest to explain the problem, but however hard I try to explain how I see things, the opticians either don't listen or don't fully understand. It was only recently spoke to friends about it for the first time and really realised the way I see isn't 'normal'.

When I was about 4 my parents realised I could see very little through my left eye. When I went to have eye tests the only letter I could read was the top one. They made me wear an eye patch, which didn't go down to well as I am a hopeless fidget, and gave me glasses which I didn't wear. My vision in my left eye has never really improved.

The problem, I found hard to explain at such a young age, was that the image I see out of my left eye is not only blurred, but parts of it seem to be missing, like when you haven't tuned in a tv properly. I also found out that my Grandma described a very similar problem to me, so I have a feeling it may be hereditary but missing my Mother’s generation.

I have recently realised the effect I see through my left eye, also effects my so-called 'good' eye. Although, with this eye, vision is not blurred. I always thought it was just my bad eye not helping my vision, but I have noticed that this occurs when using either eyes on their own.

When I look at white things, like this computer screen, it appears to have tiny black bits missing, but almost seethrough, like shadow or vein effect possibly?,again like a tv when it hasn't been tuned in, but tiny, not as chunky as my left eye. In the dark its the opposite, light patches, which, in contrast to the dark, makes it very hard to see anything. I have terrible vision in the dark. It is very much like the effect you get when you look at the sun and then look away, but over my whole vision, all of the time.

I can't say it doesn't concern me, as it does, and has done from a young age. But I think I am starting to realise how to explain it. It can't be an age thing as I am only 26 and I have had this since I was born? I would quite like to know what condition I have, if it is a condition and I'm not just another hypochondriac! If anything it would put my mind at rest!

I would really appreciate some help in understanding and to find out more.

Many Many Thanks

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Avatar dr m tn
The problem you initially describe is ambylopia (sometimes inaccurately called lazy eye) which is reduced vision in one eye due to the eyes not being straight or that eye much more nearsighted or farsighted than the other eye. It is treated with glasses, patching and some instances surgery (to straighten the eyes).

An amblyopic eye can experience parts of the letter being missing due to high astigmatism.

You should have your eyes checked since you feel they are bothering the "good" eye. You might consider a retina specialist, and consider a macular OCT test.

You can also Google "Amsler grid" read how to test your eye print out a grid and test both eyes then take that in to the eye exam. Certain macular diseases might cause the phenomenon you describe.

You can find an retina Eye MD ophthalmologist near you at www.aao.org

Please remember that amblyopia is hereditary and if you have children, nieces or nephews by blood that there is a 20% chance of them having it also. Have eyes checked between age 2 and 3 by a pediatric ophthalmologist.


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