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5 years ago a very large CHRPE was found in my right eye. I mentioned to my eye doctor during a regular eye exam that I was having floaters and flashes of light in my right eye only. This motivated him to take a closer look and he found the CHRPE. We keep a check on it every 2 yrs. Today I went to renew my drivers license and failed the peripheral test in my right eye only. What would cause this to happen in only my right eye and should I be concerned? I still have floaters and flashes of light in only my right eye. My family has a history of colon cancer as well.  
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There is somewhat of a link between familial polyposis (a condition that predisposes people to colon cancer) and CHRPE so please mention your concern to your ophthalmologist.  It might be a good idea to at least have a referral to a gastroenterologist due to your family history and the CHRPE.  Regarding your failing the vision test, that sounds like a very good reason to call your ophthalmologist right away for a  complete evaluation to find out what is going on. Explain your concerns about the peripheral vision and a computerized visual field test may be done at the office.  Also, the continued flashes and floaters need to be carefully looked into again with a complete dilated exam.

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