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Eye Pain and Pressure
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Eye Pain and Pressure

or the past moth i have been dealing with eye problems like sometimes i can feel pressure like in my eyes and sometimes pain the pain isnt bad its just annoying and its like random spurts of pain normally in one eye at a time basically in the same spot on my eye. My eyes look pink not all of the eye but veins are noticeable and where the pain mostly occurs there looks like a slight discoloration like a mid dark greyish area on the white part of my eye which is more noticeable in low light if u really look at the part of the eye.sometimes I wake up with crusties on my eyelashes of a small line of it going down from my tear duct in one eye and I wake up and my eyes are pink. and a lottle while ago i had pain behind my eyes when i looked all the way up and down. a lot of times my eyes feel fine we have been praying and i believe its working I just wanted to know an opinion from a doctor
we also got and MRI done and results should be in monday and I had an eye exam about 2-3 weeks ago and he said everything was fine except im a slight near sighted i think.
Im hoping this isnt glaucoma or n e thing
im 17 btw
more details: I use he computer alot like all day and I barely get enough sleep for the past 3 months or more because of summer vacation and i find myself yawning at 4pm or earlier
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also if i like feel pressure under my eye brow near my tear duct and press on it sometimes i can feel the pressure like go out thru my nose of something
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