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Eye and Ear connection?
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Eye and Ear connection?

For the past year and some months my ears have been draining a clear fluid. This happens at random times, while driving home or working on the computer, or more specifically every time I put my contacts in or take them out. This also happens when I cry. I can feel it start to drain before it actually exits my ears. They both drain at the same time and it is enough fluid that I have to get a tissue to soak it up or it will run down my neck. I have seen two ENT's who do not know what it could be, had never heard of such a thing and have both examined my ears and said there are no holes in the eardrum. One blew boric acid into the ears to see if that would dry them up, it had no affect. Could you possibly have some insight for me on what it might be?
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I am puzzled.  Where could fluid possible come from if your eardrum is intact??????

Perhaps you sweat a lot or tear a lot and somehow it runs back and collects in external ear when you turn your head a certain way.  Maybe when your eyes tear they run back along the glasses and get into ear???

I'm honestly totally puzzled - but I don't think it could have anything to do with your eyes.
Post question on ear site and see what they say.
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How strange! Did you try putting your contacts in or taking them out to cause this effect in the doctor's office?

Anatomically it seems impossible. There aren't (or shouldn't be!) anyplace that fluid could get into your ear canal except out through the eardrum or in through the outer opening.

Try an otologist (ENT specializing in the ear). Have you ever had a head CT done to see if you have any bone abnormalities, like some secret passage between your eyes and your ear canals? (Just a wild thought... I am not any sort of medical professional... and anyway if you did, why would it only have started recently?)

I once had my nose drippings (from a cold) turn pretty yellow right after the eye doctor put eyedrops in my eyes, which he thought was a little weird. So I guess there must be some connection between the eye and nose passages, but there isn't any connection between the eye and the ear canal.

Let us know if you find out!

Nancy T.
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I honestly don't sweat a lot. Also when I am even trying not to cry, so no tears are coming from my eyes, my ears start 'crying'. I usually wear my contacts so it isn't tears running from my glasses somehow.
Thanks for trying, I guess I will try an Ear site. :l
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