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Eye plugs

I had temporary (week long) eye plugs put in my eyes due to dry eyes along with Pataday once a day eye drop for eye allergies.  My eyes plugs were put in on Wednesday afternoon.  How long does it take for the plugs to work, I mean my eyes aren't burning like before, but they're still somewhat red.  I don't know if it's cleared a little, but I don't see a big difference.  How long before my eye plugs clear up my dry eyes.  And when my eyes clear up, which contact lenses are the better brands for dry eyes.  Any dry/allergie help would be great..................
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The plugs start doing their thing right away.  They help to prevent excess tears from escaping from the tear film by going through the nasolacrimal duct to the nose. They are not a cure for dry eyes and you still need to be using lubricant drops.  Usually you would have seen some type of benefit within a few days particularly if all 4 puncta were occluded.  Here is my advise if you have contacts and dry eyes.

Look into Acuvue Oasys which I have found to be about the best for this situation.

Take flaxseed oil 1000 mg twice a day and omega 3 fish oil about 1000-2000 mg a day.

Try the temporary plugs and if they don't bother you too much and you have at least some type of benefit in symptoms, go ahead and try silicone plugs in both lower lids.  They can easily be removed if you don't like them.

Try to avoid long bouts of computer work or reading with contacts in.  Try to use your glasses as much as you can in those instances.

Use thera tears drops on your contacts about 4 times a day.  It should help a lot.  Watch out for other brands because they can really gunk up the lenses and make your problem worse.

Consider Elestat instead of Pataday, because it has a little less drying effect on the eyes.

Thank you so much for the information......  I have an appt tomorrow with my optomologist & I will defintely mention to him about the Acuvue Oasys.  And I will up my Omega & Flaxseed oil supplements.  I was just taking one a day.

Thank you..................................................

I'm 57 years young, and am having severe tear problems, just recently stopped taking Retasis, I have used quite a few over the counter remedies, and had plugs placed in my eyes six years agro..I am now realizing that without some major relief, i can't function and it ultimately would have an adverse affect on my driving. I feel like I have incontinence of the eyes, and nothing helps. I just recently had a very small plug,placed in my eye by a eye specialist, but that lasted just one hour,and Niagra Falls continued..I am thinking about trying the plugs again,with hopes that it willn't iritate my eyes like the ones that I had placed in my eyes six years ago..I didn't realize that Flaxseed oil/tablets can also help mininmize tears sippage. I'm already taking Omega Fish Oil tablets.

I'm in otherwise great health for my age.

Your feedback will be appreciated.

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