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Eye problems after wearing Oaysis Contacts
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Eye problems after wearing Oaysis Contacts

It all started about a month ago I put on a brand new pair of contacts and my left eye, which is my weaker eye when it comes to vision, started to get bloodshot but did not hurt. I began to notice a line like scratch on the edge of my cornea, where i would assume the contact's edge is at. This line also appeared in a similar place on my right eye but not as bad. It did not hurt and went unnoticed by myself all day. Until I took them off. My left eye became very sensitive to light and would weep and weep. I had to just sleep because I could not use my eyes. The vision in my left eye is weaker now and there was pain for two weeks. I put a fresh pair in at that time and used them for about 6 hours until it began to happen again. I could barely drive home my eyes were weeping and anything with light made them sore and hurt. I havnt worn them since but my left eye still hurts it feels sore and gets randomly sensitive to light. I can still see the bumped up looking scratch on both sides of my eyes. I have worn contacts for years and never had this type of issue. Also, I use clearcare solution. I told to my eye doctor and he said it may not be the contacts but something else because of the fact that my eyes are now sensitive to light. I'm a little worried now and I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if there are any suggestions as to what are the possible causes.
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Stop wearing your contact lenses (the Oasys and any other old lenses you might have around).  Your symptoms suggest surface irritation of the cornea, perhaps a condition called Punctate Epithelial Keratopathy (PEK).  You may need a combination of anti-inflammatory eye drops and lubricating eye drops to return your corneas to a healthy, comfortable state.

Although your symptoms may subside if you simply wait long enough, an Eye-MD (ophthalmologist) can examine you, confirm what is wrong with you, and prescribe eye drops that make you feel better faster.
There have been several postings on the Community Eye Care Forum about corneal problems related to Oasys contacts.  Stop wearing this contact!  Apparently, a number of people (including me) have developed corneal problems when wearing it.  The fact that your eyes are now sensitive to light suggests a corneal condition.  Maybe you need to consult a different eye care provider.
thank you for your suggestions, it's a scary thing not knowing exactly what is wrong with your eye. Tomorrow I have an appt with an eye doc so I will see from then on whats the problem. Thanks
Dear Ries07,

I would recommend that you seek care as this may represent overwear syndrome, allergy, dryness, or serious infection.  

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
I developed a corneal ulcer from wearing Oaysis which cleared up. I still wear them, but limit my use to 12 hours, use Safulon Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner, which requires soaking for 6 hours, and always air dry and sterilize my case with sterile water. I have not experienced problems since.
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