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Failed depth perception test
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Failed depth perception test

I'm 20 years old and recently took a vision test, which I did well in all areas except depth perception.  I'm not sure of the name of the method they used, but I had to look into a viewfinder on a machine and tell them which circle out of five popped out at me.  I could not see any circles popping out at me despite being certain I have normal depth perception.  I asked to take another type of depth perception test, which I easily passed.  I tried that same test that I failed on two different machines, and didn't have any luck with either.  Do you have any recommendations for how to see the circles better or can you provide me with reasoning as to why I can't see the three-dimensional circle in only this one eye test?  If it helps, I have 15/20 vision in one eye and 17/20 vision in the other and never had a lazy eye or anything like that.
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Why don't you see an ophthalmologist who will have a more accurate test to measure you depth perception (also called stereo vision.)  If you see 3-D movies like other people, you probably have some degree of depth perception.  I had a lady in the office today who failed the stereo vision test but it turns out she didn't have her proper glasses on and the light was dim.  When both were corrected she did great.  Lets not get into the possible causes (amblyopia usually) until you see an ophthalmologist and find out if indeed you have a problem at all.
Thanks for the answer.  The problem is, I had to take this test for an Air Force pilot slot, and for some reason they decided that I have to pass this particular test and no other test results matter.  I took a depth perception test around two years ago and passed it just fine, and passed the other tests they gave me for depth perception yesterday.  Can you think of a reason I failed this one particular test and no others?
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