Flickering & Flashing Shapes & Lines In Vision, Both Eyes & Eye Ache
by JamesFan, Jan 23, 2013
For about 2 weeks now I have been getting persistent Flickering Round Shapes in my vision of colors of yellow and blue more noticeable when I blink and when I stare they feel as if they fall down my center of vision like floaters I also get small lines of static in my vision. This first started when I had deep pain in my head and around one side of my eye
I've been to an eye doctor and even had a Visual Field, a Macular OCT & a MRI and all the results are normal
These colorful shapes can be annoying and they don't seem to be fadeing away either ? I really have no clue what to do anymore. Im also worried its going to get worse or something is their any treatment?
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by achillea, Jan 23, 2013
The one-sided nature of your symptoms is interesting.  Take a look at the discussion and animation at this website and see if any of it looks familiar to you:

That is a very interesting animation and would be a classic evolving scintillating migranous scotoma, which may occur with or without headache HOWEVER a migraine would not be expected to be present constantly for 2 weeks and not go away.  Migraine with visual aura may last a vew minutes to a couple of hours but not constant for 14 days.  The tests you've had should exclude some of the possibilities, retinal vascular occlusion arterial or venous, stroke and Multiple Sclerosis.

My suggestion would be to see a neuroophthalmologist. They should consider an electro encephalogram EEG as atypical seizure would neet to be excluded.

You can find a neuroophthalmologist near you a www.getsmart.org or most neurologists know them.

by JamesFan, Feb 08, 2013
Update well my retina specialist referred me to a neurologist first so I went their and they both think it'd just some kind of migraine well I have a headache chart and I guess I will keep track of my progress and see both in 6 weeks.
Thanks for the follow up and hopes it turns out well.

Migraines are actually one disease that usually gets better as we get older.