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Fuchs Syndrome
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Fuchs Syndrome

Posted by Carolyn on April 29, 1999 at 13:37:58
I am a 50 year old female and was told by my ophthalmologist this week that I have Fuchs Syndrome. He said that it was not causing a problem now but that it could later in life. He also said that this was passed on from one of my parents. I can find no information on this. Thanks for any help that you could provide.

Posted by hfhs md ke on April 29, 1999 at 14:02:20
dear carolyn-
fuch's syndrome is a diagnosis that refers to findings on the back of the cornea
( the clear dome in front of the colored part of the eye ) in which an ophthalmologist can see little bumps called "guttata"- which are basically abnormalities in the back layer of the cornea, called the endothelium.  what can happen?? and what does this mean?? for many people, nothing at all.  however, in the worst case scenario these "guttata" can lead to a faulty endothelium, which can then allow water to get into the cornea and stay- this is called corneal edema.  this can result in loss of vision- and is actually a common reason that people require corneal transplants. ( which, by the way, tend to be highly successful at restoring vison. )  now this edema can occur simply as we age, but often it is seen after cataract surgery-  so odds are that u will be fine for years to come.  in fact, in the absence of edema the diagnosis of Fuch's is technically incorrect. so i would ask your ophthalmologist if there is any edema.  finally, 2 things: 1.  it can be inherited from your parents. 2. there is nothing u can do about it except get annual eye exams.  good luck i hope this helped.
key words: cornea, guttata, fuch's endothelial dystrophy, cataract

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