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Glasses & Blurry Distance Vision
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Glasses & Blurry Distance Vision

I had new glasses (single vision, polycarbonate lenses) made earlier this year at a popular chain store.  The new glasses were great when I first got them.  There was only a minor change to my prescription (so they were easy to adapt to), my vision was clear and I liked the new frames.

Four months later, several whitish splotches formed within the lenses material.  I took them back and was told that shouldn't happen.  It was the result of a manufacturer defect.  The lenses were remade and I could see clearly.

Three months later, more whitish splotches developed.  Again they were written off as defects, replaced with no hassle and all seemed well.  After wearing them for a week, I noticed my distance vision was very blurry.  Even looking across a small room, everything on the far side was blurry.  I went back yet again and they remade the lenses.

Immediately upon receiving the new lenses and being fitted, I could not see clearly out of the glasses.  Upon closer examination, there was a smear/smudge slap dab in the middle of one lens that could not be felt on either side and could not be cleaned off.  They apologized (it was an obvious defect) and remade them again.

This happened three more times and I now have glasses that are apparently without defects -- yet my distance vision is blurry to the point where it makes me very uncomfortable.  I see better with my older glasses.

The shop insists the prescription in the frames is correct and accurate.  The optometrist rechecked me and there is no change in my vision.  I had no issues whatsoever with the initial glasses until the spots formed.  I am past the point where I can get a refund and I can't afford to have another pair of glasses made that I can't see out of clearly.

Could there be an issue with my vision that my optometrist can't identify?  Or is it possible that I've just met with a remarkably poor batch of lens material?  I don't know what to do next.  Any advice is much appreciated.
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Quite unfortunate, but I bet your nearsightedness is correctable with a new prescription. I would seek a second opinion by another reputable optometrist or go to an ophthalmologist (EyeMD).
Merry Christmas
Sorry, forgot to mention that I am nearsighted.
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