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Grain of sand in eyelid
Today I went to the beach and decided to play in the sea,
in one splash from the wave I began feeling, this eye irritation in my left eye lid and occasionally in the outer corner of my eye.
Will Doctors  be able to remove the grain of sand out of my eye?
I have been feeling discomfort all day now and I am on holiday so I could not go see a doctor immediately.
Please tell me what the doctors would do,for I have done everything else written on the internet so far (rinse with eye solution, blink, blow, eye bath, cotton swab,)
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After aggressively flooding the eye with water, you've likely removed all the debris out of the eye and sometimes a persistent foreign body sensation can be present if the surface was roughed up by whatever made contact with your eye.  I would continue lubricating the eye with artificial tears 4 times a day for a week and if the symptoms persist or worsen, you may need to be seen by an ophthalmologist where they could look for any persistent foreign bodies or do a sweep of around the eye with a cotton swab checking for anything still stuck underneath your eyelids.
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