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Having eye problems
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Having eye problems

I have been having eye problems for a while now. I use to wear eye contacts for awhile but then decided to get glasses instead. One day I was washing my face and I scratch both of my eyes with a towel so went to an ophthalmologist to get my eyes check and he said I had a corneal abrasion so he gave me some eye drops. After that I felt better until a couple of months ago I decided to get eye contacts again so my optician put me a pair of trial eye contacts to try for a week because I haven't been wearing contacts for a couple of years. After a day of using them my eyes were bloodshot red, hurt,itch and burn. So i went to my ophthalmologist again and he said that I was probably allergic to the contacts so he gave me some eye drops lotemax. I now am not wearing contacts at all do to my eyes getting red but I am still having eye problems my eye hurt near the corner of the eye , there are small veins that are around the cornea. So I went to the same ophthamologist again for this problem and he said it was eye allergies so he gave some eye drops called Elestat for eye allergies meanwhile I feel my eyes are getting worst.After couple of days I went back to him and gave a stronger eyedrops for the allergies called Alrex but still my eyes feel the same. What should I do? I don't understand how before I was able to use eye contacts and now I can't wear contacts  Please help me can you give any advice or what can it be that I have in my eyes?
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The epithelium is the outer most layer of the cornea and this is what gets pulled off the eye when you have a corneal abrasion.  Some people never really recover from abrasions in the sense that the epithelium grows over the abraded area but doesn't stick down very well. This could be part of your problem.  I am assuming that you are NOT sleeping in your contact lenses.  Elestat and Alrex are mild anti-allergy eye drops but usually effective if the problem is actually allergies.  If you continue not to respond to allergy treatment your ophthalmologist should begin to consider other conditions like dry eyes.
Also my right eye is more bigger and swollen than the left eye
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