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Haze post PRK (50 days)
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Haze post PRK (50 days)


50 days ago I was operated with PRK laser surgery on both eyes, myopia and OI -2.50 OD -2.00, and -2.00 astigmatism in both eyes.
For about 30 days I noticed that my vision (near and far) has not improved anything at all (sometimes I think it has worsened), and suffer from a lot of trouble with double vision of distant objects and thin lines some distance, mainly in OD), shadows and ghosting, blurred vision, glare around lights in low light conditions.

The ophthalmologist who operated on me told me that I have is a "haze" in both eyes, which makes me do with all these aberrations. I have done an analysis with Pentacam, whose images have confirmed this. He told me that the corneal epithelium is as messy or swirling.

This has led me indesciptibles frustration and anguish, as I have been disabled since then, and I can not perform actions in detail closely. Even being in front of the compu monitor requires great effort for me to read ... And by far the vision is also appalling. I honestly feel I look much better without glasses even before the operation.

For a month, I say refractions present an astigmatism of -1.25 in both eyes.

With all this, I have the following concerns:

1. What are the procedures in the treatment (medical or surgical) that HAZE and how long it is expected to remain in the cornea?

2. It is normal corneal inflammation still remains after 40 days? And it must present all the trouble?

3. That post surgical astigmatism why is that exactly '? And hopefully to be reversed?

I would appreciate very much what you can help me in my case!!
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Haze after PRK is usually treated with steroid drops.  While on the drops, you need to be closely monitored, since these drops can raise the eye pressure and cause cataracts if they are taken for too long.  I would also seek out another opinion from an ophthalmologist who is a specialist in refractive surgery.  You might be able to get a referral from the ASCRS web site.
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I appreciate your response.

In effect I have this treatment Sophipren  (prednisolone drops) since the first day of the operation, what happens is that in 55 days I have not seen improvement in vision, which worries me, especially for that astigmatism present.

I consulted about another surgery, but it says you have to spend at least 3 months from the first surgery ... Although the quality of my vision is very bad now ... I would like to know your opinion and advice on the matter.

Greetings and thanks.
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