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Heavy PC user -> Dry eyes relief solution
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Heavy PC user -> Dry eyes relief solution


I'm a heavy PC user (as it's my job), and I had lots of troubles because of my dry eyes.
The dryness of my eyes started along time ago, I was in a very hard condition at first, but then I learned how to deal with it and reduce my eye strain when using the computer (taking breaks etc.).

I always keep some lubricant eye drops on me - though I use them about once in two weeks or so...

I still feel fatigue, dryness and pain around the eyes after constant day-long computer use where eye drops and painkillers doesn't improve much. I searched the web for some relief solutions, and I found people talking about glasses with anti-glare/reflective coating as a relief for PC eye strain symptoms (I actually not in need for any kind of eyeglasses since my vision is in a good shape according to my doctor).

I'd like to know if such glasses could really help and relief my eyes in these kind of situations.

It could be related to dry eyes, eye strain from contrast/brightness (per TurtleJoe), or latent hyperopia or early presbyopia. First, you need to educate yourself more about dry eyes. Read the other related posts. Second, you may try preservative free tears (OTC various brands) and second add lots of omega 3's to your diet. Finally, you need a good eye exam and preferably dilated or cycloplegic refraction to check for latent hyperopia (just ask the Eye MD about this).
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
It amazes me that the majority of PC users are unaware of the need to reduce the contrast and brightness of Monitors to reduce eyestrain and morning headaches. Laptops I have seen do not allow adjustment short of tilting the screen slightly forward or backward to allow same visual effects. Try it you will like it.
Thank you very much for your replies!
I'm actually aware of the importance of brightness adjustment, that is why I always check for these kind of things (and also angle adjustment) in the displays I buy.
I started using  preservative free tears and adding omega 3 to my diet.

I searched the web days ago for reviews about computer glasses, though it doesn't seem "real", but people are very satisfied, and it's said that they do help in my kind of situation:


I'm asking for your professional opinion, I mean by coloring the lenses in yellow tint and putting some filtering layers on them, DO really help?
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