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Hole in retina
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Hole in retina


I went for a dilated fundus examination recently, and the optometrist found a hole near the periphery of the retina of my right eye. I've been told the hole is flat. I have severe myopia- -7.25 in my left eye and -8.25 in my right. I have been referred to an ophthalmologist at a public hospital, but apparently the waiting line is very long. I probably will not be getting an appointment until the middle of next month.

My question is how long does it usually take for a retina hole to lead to retinal detachment? I've been told that if I see sudden bright flashes I should get medical assistance ASAP. But wouldn't that be too late as that is a sign of retinal detachment? I've been noticing more floaters in my right eye lately. And when I get up in the morning, my vision seems obscured by fog. Are these a sign of retinal detachment or are they symptons that may arise from a retina hole?


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Hello mac-p     Even in a high myope, not every hole needs to be treated. There is some disagreement, even among retinal specialists, as to what kinds of holes need to be treated with laser or cryo-therapy (freeze shut).  Small round holes, without vitreous traction especially if they are on the bottom of the eye where gravity works to hold the hole shut may not need treated (remember treatment involves some risk also----nothing is risk free in life and medicine).

The only way to tell for sure is have an experienced ophthalmologist (Eye MD = physician eye surgeon) examine your eye.

Normally if the eye is not causing flashes, increased floaters or the hole does not look ominous it won't hurt to wait a few weeks.  HOWEVER, you are symptomatic with increase floaters and foggy vision in the morning (which could be due to blood in the vitreous). I would call the ophthalmologist's office you're scheduled to see and tell them of your symptoms and that you consider it an emergency. They should ask you to come in right away.

If that doesn't work I would contact other area ophthalmologists and ask to be seen on an emergent basis. Better safe than sorry in this case.

JCH MD Ophthalmologist, Eye MD
sir i m 24 year old i had never suffered 4m any eye problem but this time my doctor has said i hv lots of hols in both of my eye but m facing no problem right now so pls tell me what to do and what not to do
sir i m 24 year old boy feeling so frastated i have 6/6 eyesight no any kind of eye problem before but my doctor has told me that i have lots of eye hole inboth of my eyes but i m felling no prblm yt so sir pls tel me what to do nd what not to do pls sir
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