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I Cannot See with my Restor Lens
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I Cannot See with my Restor Lens

I am 60 years old, could see well in distance, used readers for reading.  When the Dr. told me I had cataracts and needed surgery, he reommended the Restor Lens implants (at an additional $3000. over what insurance would pay.  I choose to get these after reading the material they put out.  That was 8 months ago.  I cannot see well now at all.  Difficulty in using computer, reading, reading music (I am an organist) and my nighttime vision has so many halos that I don't drive at night.  My Dr. thinks I should be satified as when I am in his office, he says I read the charts well.  When I leave his office, I know I cannot see well at all  My intermediate vision is terrible, my close-up vision is also bad and neither can be helped with reading glasses anymore.  He even gave me a -1 reader, no luck. and with not being able to drive at night, I am very distressed and wish I had never had this surgery.  What could have gone wrong?  What should I do?  Get a second opinion? Live with it?  Could my Dr have made a mistake in the strength of the lens? HELP.
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Dear jennypig,

I would return to your eyeMD and explain that you have stopped driving at night.  Ask him/her if eyedrops can be used to help your vision at night?  Also, to read you might need to place a bright light on the object and find the distance which works best.  Try to communicate with your eyeMD your concerns and listen to his/her answers about the possible options.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
I had very similar problems with my Restor lens. I have a thread on this forum as do others. The bottom line for me was having the lens explanted and replaced with a monofocal. (I have a minor cataract in my dominant eye and wear a contact lens for now).  If you are that unhappy with the Restor, which sounds like the case, you may want to explore explanting. There are definite risks involved but in the hands of a highly competent and experienced surgeon, it can be done. I traded my life of IOL misery for decent vision both intermediate and distance. I wear progressive bifocals mainly for reading. Get several expert opinions and weigh the pros and cons. You are too young to suffer with poor vision for the rest of your life, but only you can make the ultimate decision. For myself and others explanting was a good decision. Good luck.
I totally agree with londonbridge--don't just resign yourself to living with impaired vision.  You need to get additional opinions before deciding on what would be best for you at this point.  Is there a teaching hospital with an ophthalmology department in your area?  Setting up an appointment with the senior doctor there who specializes in cataract surgery might be a good place to start.
I know couple of people who had cataract surgery with  ReStor lens and advanced laser surgery for remaining error.They said they happy with their "new eyes" and the funnyg thins is that they all had surgery with the same doctor (at Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, Fl).I quessed they researched the most trusted doctor for their eyes.
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