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I have miopy and astigmatism
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I have miopy and astigmatism

Hello, in these days I went to my eye doctor in less than 6 months because i started seeing blurry, to find out that I have -.75 of astigmatism in both my eyes.  The problem is that my doctor gave me torics and I still couldn't see sharp, I did not find any difference with my regular 2.75 contact lenses.  So i went again and my doctor gave me the same 2.75 lenses, I can't explain why, I still can't see well.  Now my doctor is planning to give me regular 3.75 lenses!, she says that my eyes don't adapt to the torics and she's just going to try higher normal lenses.  Please, all I want is to see ok so I can keep going on with my life, I study at college and this affects me alot in my daily life, this has been going on for about 27 days and still no solution.
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Dear delicious20,

I would recommend that you see an eyeMD to determine the prescription of your eye, before and after your eyes are dilated.  If you have the small amount of astigmatism, it may cause some blurriness with contact lenses without astigmatism correction.  However, this small astigmatism is usually not corrected well with toric contact lenses.  There may be different lenses which work better for your eye.

Dr. Feldman
Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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gas permeables worked for 35 years until are related dry eye made then impossible to wear.
GPs gave me clean, crisp vision.
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