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Iritis (Cause and treatment?)
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Iritis (Cause and treatment?)

I had iritis over 15 years ago. My symptoms back than were redness in my eyes, sensitivity to light, etc. I couldn't watch TV because it was to painful the light fluctuations and I had to wear sunglasses for six months. I recently had an eye check up this year and I have iritis again. However, my eyes are not red. I do have some slight light sensitivity, but my vision has become really blurred over the last two years. I wear glasses now to help with my vision. I was checked for arthritis in my body and that came back negative (thank goodness). I am at a loss for what is causing it. My doctor is really concerned because my eyes are not responding to the eye drops (contains steroids). He is thinking about moving me onto a pill steroid. My question is what else could cause iritis that maybe hasn't been explored by my doctor. I have thyroid problems (very small dose of medication) and I also have constant infections with my tonsils & sinus infections quarterly (bad allergies). Any chance that these can be linked? Or should I try another test before getting on steroids?
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Thyroid eye disease do not cause iritis. nor will sinus infection and bad tonsils.  About 70-80% of the time there is nothing causing the iritis other than bad luck. Doctors call this "idiopathic". The other 30% can be due to disease such as sarcoid, rheumatoid arthritis, TB, inflammatory bowel disease.

Use Google and search "iritis" and "uveitis" to learn more.

Your Eye MD may want you to have an "iritis" work-up by your family MD or a rheumatologist.

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