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Is the number of specifically Crystalens IOL insertions/MD important in...
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Is the number of specifically Crystalens IOL insertions/MD important in the outcome?

Would one expect that the number of Crystalens IOL insertions one's doctor has done would result in a better outcome? My ophthalmologist indicated that, tho the Crystalens is a bit larger than the std. IOLs, but that the placement is not different than a standard IOL. Therefore, though she has placed less than a dozen Crystalens IOLS, since she has placed 10 IOL/week for a number of years, she assures me that my result will be no different than if I were operated by a local MD who has placed >100 Crystalens IOLs.  SInce I do not know the surgical intricacies involved in placement of the IOL vs. the Crystalens, I am hoping for guidance from those in the forum with surgical experience with the Crystalens IOL, and outcome information.
Thanks much
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It is very similar to a standard IOL but with all surgeries the more experience the better.  Specifically, it is very important to clean off all of the cortical material during the surgery for crystalens placement.  It's a tough choice.  See how much you trust your doctor.  Ask her if the other ten patients are perfectly happy with their outcomes (8 out of ten would probably be a good sign).

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Very clear answer, with the surgical technique difference I was hoping to get.
Thank you very much.
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