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Itchy inside corner of my eyes!
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Itchy inside corner of my eyes!

I suffer from blepharitis but from regular cleaning the outsides of my eyes dont itch.
My problem is the inside corners of them (where that little bump is, not the white of the eye) itches like mad.
Its most itchy at night and in the morning, during the day it isnt as bad.
If i itch it it gets much much worse and lasts longer to.
I clean and scrub my eye lids to keep them clean but obviously cant clean the inside corner.
Could this be an allergy or something else as i just dont know.
Please reply
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Dear EazyV,

Itching may suggest an allergy.  I would recommend that you discuss this with your eyeMD and have your eyes examined.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
I am not a doctor, but a patient. I suffer from the exact same thing with the inside corner of my eye driving me crazy at times it itches so bad.  What has helped me is  Rx eye drops called Pataday. It is for itchy allergy eyes, and sometimes I put a drop or two on the end of a q-tip and dab it in that corner of my eye and sometimes I put the drop directly into the eye.  Works wonders.  Whether it is allergy or irritation of some sort, the drops take the itch away for me.  I hope this works for you.

I'm from the UK though and have never heard of those drops.
I dont really want medication, i just want to know what could be causing it.
Ive changed to a roll on deodorant and ive stopped washing my face with shower gel, ill see if that helps.
When i go to the docs about it they are no help and just shrug it off.
One of the things that causes my itching...it's very sporatic..is that I have seborrehic dermatitis on my scalp and in the eyebrows, and into the cornor of my eye.  This is why the corner of my eye itches, although there may be allergic causes as well.  I have been into alternative methods of dealing with my problems for years, and I have not found anything alternatively to take the itch away other than the Rx Pataday drops.  I have tried everything over the counter for itchy allergy eyes but nothing worked.  These drops stop the itch right away and I have to say without them I don't know what I would do.  Roll on deodorant shouldn't affect eye itchiness.  I have very sensitive skin and use only products made for a sensitive skin individuals, but in my case, the cornors of my eye itching like mad nothing helps me but those Pataday drops. Just like the blepheritis.  There can be many causes but for many folks it is jsut something they live with and control with there are flareups, but those of affected with it have to learn to live with it.  In my case I have to use a steroid ointment. But when it flare up there is absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent it.  I stopped wearing any eye makeup years ago, etc.
My skin is fine which is weird, gets a tad dry on my face as for most people.
Never had exma (eczema) either.
I think for it it could be allergy related, dont know what yet. It might be a particular brand of spray deodorant i use because i had itchy eyes last time i used it and i recently bought more and its come back again. Hence the roll on.
Ill eliminate spray on things around my eyes and see what happens.
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