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Okay so here's the history in brief

Feb 2012 - I visit VASAN EYE CARE - KOCHI - INDIA to consult a doc if i can go head with lasik, She suggests since i was an avid contact lens user i must do barrage laser for left eye treatment first b4 doing actual laser op.

Feb 11 - Barrage laser done within abt 15 mins

Feb 19 - Zyoptix laser surgery. Done on both the eyes. Insertion of bandaged lenses in theater

Feb 20-21 - follow up with the doc, she says right eye is healing, left eye will take "longer to heal"

Feb 22 - Bandaged lens falls off from right eye, doc says its okay coz its healing well

Feb 23-28 - DOc puts me on steroid meds (prednislone, nat.tears) for some time , says again left eye wil take time 2 heal, removes bandaged lens from left eye,

Feb 27-28 - Worried why the left will take longer time to heal ??? Doc says the epithelium cells are very loose , didt notice this surgery time etc... but came back with the feeling will heal anyway even if it takes "longer"

Feb 29- Travel Overseas to host country

Mar 7 - Check up with retinal oc in pvt clinic he says left eye is in bad condn, dirty & straie epithelium , needs to be cleaned & put back ell

Mar 14 - Sought second opinion from the director of ophth. dept in a main hosp, shes of the same opinion, gives a date to fix this.....worried, She says opn wasnt completed full,  in left eye!

Mar 21 - Operation performed , put on steroids & drops again for 2 weeks, with timely follwups

May 25 - She says right eye has 20/20 perfect vision, left eye suffering ... have to wait some more

Jun 19 - Power of -.1 in left eye !!!! Dctor suggests better to use glasses & come back for checkup after 3 months !!!She also gave me option not to use them if i dont wana

Really shocking coz we did lasik to eliminate glasses & now she says use again ....wtf ???

I wana know will my eye get better if i dont use them ? corz i am in IT field i use the PC a lot

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We cannot help you with the problem or offer useful insights. Suggest you get a second opinion from a highly qualified, refractive-corneal surgeon Eye MD ophthalmologist.

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