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Laser correction for a hopeless Hyperopic
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Laser correction for a hopeless Hyperopic


I'm a 44 yr old female.  To the best of my knowledge vision was good up until about 2 years ago.  Near vision started to get bad so I wore reading glasses - I use the computer alot.  Then I started to notice far was going.   Currently I have become dependant on my Left - +1.25  Right - +1.75 eyeglasses.

I've tried about 6 brands of soft contacts but unfortunatly each one in the correct RX does not give me clarity.  Only fuzzy uncomfortable vision I have what I am told a flat cornea - on the very flat end of normal.  We tried various base curves in contacts the 9.0 seemed to slide alot and the 8.8 seemed to work ok, however again blurry vision.  I see great with glasses but I would lot to not depend on them.

Is there a surgical procedure that would help me?  Or am I most likely doomed to eyeglasses for life?

Saw an optician and had eyes examined she stated everything looks ok.  But did not ask futher on laser procedures.  Thank you for your time.
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Could be corrected with laser vision correction but likely will continue to change as hyperopes (farsighted) get worse with age.  Your best bet is to wear glasses and come to terms with it.  If you absolutely don't want to, go consult with a reputable cornea specialist to go over your options.  Make sure an ophthalmologist checks your eyes for Narrow angle glaucoma as well using gonioscopy as that sometimes sneaks up on hyperopes.

Hi thank you so much doctor.  I am trying to get used to glasses.

Can I ask if you have heard of hyperopes having trouble with contact lenses?  Regardless of about 7 different brands of soft lenses and with a pretty good eye doc nothing could give me clarity.  fuzzy blur.  Is that something common with my type of vision or those of us with flatter cornea's?  We tried numerous BC with 9.0 as the flattest but still blurry unclear vision.  The doctor thought it was just me and maybe I was expecting too much.  I love the clarity with glasses and was hoping contacts would give that.  Your thoughts on RGP lenses please?
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