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Lens Subluxation and Optomap digital exam
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Lens Subluxation and Optomap digital exam

Can MILD lens subluxation be detected with an Optomap digital exam, or is a slit lamp exam necessary?

I watched my Optometrist pull up my optomap photo on his computer, it only showed the retina, no lens.
Since I am being tested for Marfan's, I need to make sure my eyes are checked.
I am only familiar with Optomap as it is used for retinal exams so any lens subluxation would be most easily appreciated with a direct view with a dilated exam at the slit lamp.  
I had a cataract removed left eye with the acrysof IQ monofocal on  my left eye. My eye prescription before cataract surgery was -.75x-3.500x020(od)
                                                                       -4x-1.25x010     (os)

after cataract surgery                                   -4.25 +3.75x110(od) plus prescription
                                                                         +.50+.75x090    (os) plus prescription

I don't have cataracts on my right eye, so there seems to be an imbalance driving me crazy. I didn't have an imbalance before the surgery. I also have keratoconous, so prk/ lasik is not an option. Can you tell me the diopeter difference of two eyes post up cataract surgery? According to surgeon it is 2.25 which he said my eyes should be able to handle but they're not. For some reason i ended up farsighted on left eye instead of plano. Any suggestions as tho what should i do?

. I'm thankful that patients have a place like this to take out their concerns. I was thinking about one thing +.50+.75x090    (os) . Since replacing the iol monofocal lens is a great risk. Just in my head do you think that by putting a -4 lens in order to induce myopia and then glasses that correct the small amount of astigmatism would be of help. that way there wouldn't be such a difference between the two eyes. what i'm trying to say is to purposely leave the eye myopic with contact lenses and then trying to alleviate this problems with glasses, making the prescriptions with less of a difference(diopeter) between the two eyes.

glasses on top of the contact lens in this particular eye..
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