Lower eyelid swollen & hurts?
by Lystat, Nov 17, 2010
So, as of yesterday, my lower right eyelid has become slightly swollen and is very painful to the touch. Its not my entire eyelid however, about half of it is affected. It also hurts to close my eye or blink in general.
I do not wear contacts or have glasses- my vision is fine.
There appears to be no discharge at all aside from the normal nightly stuff that I wake up with, but I still fear it could be some form of an infection.
Is this just going to go away on its own, or do I need to seek medical help?
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You likely have an eye lid infection like a "stye". You can start warm compresses to the lid. If it gets worse overnight then see an Eye MD or your family MD tomorrow. Find one near you at www.aao.org