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Mole on eye's interior wall
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Mole on eye's interior wall

I went to the ophthamologist to be examined for cataract removal. He found a "mole" on the interior wall of my left eye. He used another name for it but I have forgotten what it is. He said we needed to watch it for it could become cancerous. What was the correct name for that mole? I would like to find out more about the condition.
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The most likely diagnosis is choroidal nevus. That means a benign 'mole' in the middle layer of the eye wall (choroid). They are very common, like moles on the skin are for the most part benign.  Since you cannot see them as you can moles on your skin, the ophthalmologist will need to examine your eye at least yearly.

Often the ophthalmologist (Eye MD) will take a photograph of the lesion for future reference. If the lesion is large, raised, or suspecious in some way other tests such as ultrasonography, optical coherence tomography (OCT), fluorosceine angiogram may be necessary.

A very small number of these 'moles' turn into malignant melanoma, the most common primary malignant tumor of the eye.

Lest you worry I suggest you call the ophthalmologist's office and confirm the diagnosis. If the Eye MD didn't do any special tests and told you to come back in a year, you mole must be very benign in appearance.

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