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My daughter 4 years old
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My daughter 4 years old

Hi Doc,

I took my daughter 4 years old to the hospital last week because she was having little infection in both eyes and she was given Moxifloacin and Chioramphenicol.
The Opthalmologist asked for eye tests and found that my daughter is having regular astigmatism and asked for eye photo and here in the result :
Right ( s:+0.25 c:-2.5 a:3)    left Right ( s:+0.5 c:-1.25 a:168)

H: D42.75    MM7.90  A6
V:45.00  MM7.50 A96
Ave:43.87 MM7.70 
Cyl:-2.25  A6

H: D41.75    MM8.09 A177
V:43.50        MM7.78 A87
Ave:42.50  MM7.94
Cyl: -1.75   A177

My daughter has refused to take the dilating drops to continue the test also I was not confidence with clinic and the treatment received during our appointment.

What is the best way to continue with this case as this is a nightmare for us as she's only 4y.

What do you think from the test result ? If she will be advised to wear eye glasses? 
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You need to have your daughter get a complete eye exam including dilation.  She needs to wear glasses if the astigmatism is correct.  It can lead to amblyopia if she does not get the correct glasses.
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Hi Ray,

thanks for your reply,

The first test was showing (Right:-2.5 - Left:-2.0) but after the eyes photo the result was as I mentioned before.

What is/are the test(s) required to get her the right glasses ?

I'm really worried about her and I wanted to know what could be the root cause of her vision problem as non of my family wear glasses.

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