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My eye is aat risk.
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My eye is aat risk.

My left eye has been at rish for 17 months. I have hypotony because my ciliary body hardly functions. My eye has been below 5 in pressure off and on for a year. It reached 8 for only a few weeks and registered 7 for a few months. have had 5 surgeries today for retinal detachment. I saw my current doctor about 2 weeks ago and felt very confused and concerned. He told me that he did not  "need to see me for ^ months. Since December I have seen him an average of every 2-3 weeks because I have so many questions about my serious condition, and because there are constant changes in my eye,

Changes in the appearance of my eye require me to examine it and appraise it once a day. Last time I saw my doctor, my pressure was down from a steady 5-7 to a 4. I was astounded that he would not have me follow up soon,Of course, I always go in when I am concerned.

My eye started sinking about a week ago, in addition to its being small from hypotony. It was also very shiny in the pupil area, I sense that my vision was diminishing. I went in today and I was right about everything. I was a third doctor and I was very glad that I did. My cornea is deteriorating. I was too stunned to remember the medical terms or to bring home the exam report. The doctor said that the silicone oil may need to be removed. I told him that the silicone oil was keeping my eye together. He said right, but we must examine the risks and choose which approaches to the situation may be best. H mentioned that we may put in in a gas bubble. He also agreed that there may be no more effective solutions,

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I'm confused about why you are seeing a plastic surgeon?  At count fingers with hypotony, and silicone in your eye I'm not sure about your future.  You've tried drops to try to raise the pressure with not much success.  Honestly, I'm not optimistic that the eye is going to get any better.  Talk to retinal surgeon about maybe taking the silocone out if possible.  Perhaps that could have some effect on good or bad on the pressure.  That's my worry that it might actually make the pressure lower - although I have no basis in fact for that.  Thankfully you still have one good eye I hope.  
He agreed with me that it is time to see the best doctor I can find. He supported the idea that I see a doctor in Dallas, whom I had chosen for my daughter.

I will go in the next ten days, and if nothing else happens, I will see the other doctor here when I get back. I may decide to change doctors again, because I am very confused about my retinologist saying that I need not see himnor 6 months. I go to a firm of 6 partners, the only firm in town. The first one I saw was very abusive and intrusive. The 3rd on, whom I saw today, has always been accurate and helpful when I have seen him, when my other doctors were out. I do not have to make a decision about doctors now, but if I have an emergency, I would call #3, not #2.

The issue here is my eye, not my doctors. I have spoken with my therapist and I see my psychiatrist on Monday. I have made calls to my ophthalmology, who specializes in eye plasric surgery, to ask her questions about what I could face. The plastic surgeon she has recommended is in Dallas, and I may see him also when I am there/

I am so scared of the depression I face, so I am seeking every kind of support and information, particularly medical feedback, that is available to me.The doctor I will be sseing in Dallas is Dr. Wong.
I have finger counting vision and I am aphakic (in the left eye).
Eye is a very very important part in our body we will take more care for it.

I'm very sorry to hear of your problems. Doctors generally try and do everything possible to save your eye. However, sometimes there is no other option but to remove it. The technological advances in oculoplastics today allow for some great prosthetics. Just make sure you trust your surgeon.
Eventually w/ pthisis bulbi your eye will become painful, horribly shrunken in and just plain disufiguring which is why enucleation is a good option. It will restore your appearance of the eye and allow you to function without pain.
I know that what you are going through must be tough. The thought of losing your eye is terrifying. Sometimes you lose the fight, but you can still win the war.
Try and stay positive. Good luck at your appointments and maybe you'll be given some good news.
Thanks so much. My retina surgeon says that  pure alcohol injections are not relevant in this case.

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