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New, Tiny, Transient black spot in right eye
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New, Tiny, Transient black spot in right eye


Recently, I've begun noticing a small black spot just outside my central vision (up and to the right of it) in my right eye.  I've experienced floaters for as long as I can remember, but this is different.  The floaters I have experienced always float around when I try to look at them.  This new tiny black spot is always in the same place.

It is only visible for moments at a time whenever I shift my field of vision quickly, blink (sometimes), look through a pin-hole in a piece of paper held close to my eye (something I did to try and get a better look at it), etc.  When looking through a pin-hole in a piece of paper, if I keep the hole moving slightly back and forth, the spot remains in my vision.  A split second after I stop moving the hole, though, the spot disappears.

I experienced this a few months ago, in roughly the same place in the field of vision of my right eye, and it went away all by itself (either that or I just stopped noticing it).  It has returned, though, so it has me a bit concerned.

General Information:
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Weight: 300 pounds
Prescription Medications: None
OTC medications: Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the occasional headache
Eyesight: Nearsighted, wear glasses
Other Conditions Possibly of Note: Occasional Migraine with Visual Aura

Any information about this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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Floaters usually move. If this does not move and is always in the same place it could represent some problem with the retina or macula. You need to see an Eye MD. Also Google Amsler Grid test. Read about it, print out a grid and monitor the spot daily. Find an Eye MD near you at www.aao.org

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