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Object in Cornea
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Object in Cornea

While using an edger I was hit in the eye with a small, (1mm) pebble. I went to my doctor and was told that I had scratch my cornea. He checked the eye very briefly so I am now a little unsure if he got right.

1. I took a video camera and held it to my eye and I can clearly see a 1mm black (not clear) mass in my cornea. This is sourounded by a 2mm gray cloud.
2. Everything i have read refers to a clear mass or bump.
3. Can the scratch appear solid and black?
4. Is there anyone who can look at this short 2mb clip. -

It has been 3 days,I am misserable and it just seems to be getting worse... help please
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If "your doctor" is an optometrist (non MD, non_ophthamoloigst, never been to medical school) then you need to see a REAL eye MD physician ophthalmologist ASAP. Call early tomorrow and ask to be seen as an emergency. Find one near you at www.aao.org

If you did see and eye MD then get a second opinion again ASAP. I'm concerned that you might have residual foreign material still in the eye.

I could not connect with the clip.

Dr Hagan,

I can not thank you enough for your advise regarding this injury to my eye. You were absolutely 100% correct in your diagnosis.

On your advise I found another Dr. specializing in injuries to the eye. He also happened to be open today. (Saturday).

He successfully removed a stone fragment from my cornea and also performed several procedures to remove the rust that had built-up around the object.

The pain is still quite intense but just knowing the object was there, and seeing it in the tray, right before my eyes (eye) was the tremendous relief. The only fear know is how this thing will heal. The stone had done a good bit of damage, and had been in there for five days, so now it's just wait and see.

But it's out.

So thank you, thank you. I can not thank you enough.

Also I was very impressed by the fact that you answered my question so late in the evening.

Thank you.

D Brooks
Thanks. The American Academy of Ophthalmology is pleased to staff this eye forum. Dr. Kutryb and me regret that we cannot answer all the questions on the Patient to Patient Forum.

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