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Ocular HSV-2
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Ocular HSV-2

I am looking for an expert in ocular HSV-2.  Approx. 1 year ago I was exposed to HSV-2.  I experienced a primary genital outbreak at that time which included systemic flu-like symptoms.  I am certain that during my initial exposure I inadvertently autoinoculated my eyes.  Within 2-3 days of my exposure, which I confirmed was HSV-2 through having my partner tested, I experienced conjunctivitis, burning, some discharge form eyes in morning, which would usually get better throughout day.  The symptoms lasted for a few months, but burning still persisted for almost 11 months, and has only gotten better in the last few weeks, almost 1 yr. after the exposure.  I went to an opthamologist imeddiately after the exposure, then 1 month later who used slit-lamp on both occasions, and they indicated my cornea looked good, and that there appeared to be no "significant insertion" of the virus into my eye.  I was on acyclovir for a couple of weeks.

I have exhaustively searched the internet for info on ocular hsv-2 and it is very sparse. Almost all info focuses on ocular HSV-1, and some sites say that ocular HSV is "only due to HSV-1 virus"  My question is:

1.  what is the prognosis for someone with ocular HSV-2?

2. because the site of preference for hsv-2 is the sacral ganglia, which is why reactivation of Oral hsv-2 is rare, does the same rule apply for ocular hsv-2?  Perhaps this is why almost all info on ocular hsv focuses on ocular hsv-1 or herpes zoster, and not hsv-2?

3. Should I be concerned about reactivation of ocular hsv-2?  And increasingly more severe symptoms with re-occurrences, such as with hsv-1?  Or is it unlikely to reactivate due to being outside of site of preference.

4.  Is the primary exposure to ocular hsv-2 typically the worst like other hsv exposures?

5. What are the chances I will someday go blind from this virus?

thank you.


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Lets focus on the positive.  You don't have ocular herpes infection and it is very unlikely that you ever will get the hsv2 virus in your eye especially if you use common sense good hygeine.  I'm not trying to downplay your anxiety about this but regarding your eyes, it's not really an issue.  You don't seem to have it there and hopefully never will.

Dr. MJK,

with all due respect, this does not answer my questions(s).  What I am saying is that my eyes WERE exposed, and presented classic symptoms for months including conjunctivitis, discharge, etc.  Is "seeming" not to have something a typical litmus test you use for a diagnosis in your practice?  I am not anxious, but simply want to learn more about a virus I was exposed to in my eyes.  The opthamologist I saw did not have much experience with ocular HSV2, but did treat me for the disease. Thank you in advance for your assistnace with my questions.

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