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Outer corner eye or lid pain
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Outer corner eye or lid pain

  Three days ago I noticed the outer corner of my left eye is very sore. The pain doesnt seem to be coming from the actual eye but the lid. There doesnt seem to be any redness in the eye, on or around the lid , although it's the type of pain and soreness where not seeing some sort or infamation seems strange.
My husband has inspected my eye with a light and says he sees nothing that could be stuck under the lid and I would think if it was dust or something like that my eye would be red or irritated where the pain is.
  When I first wake up it's awful, but I take pain medication for Chronic Pain and the pain seems to lessen when I take it. Doesnt go away, but defenitly feels better. I'm not sure if that would actually mean anything..
     When I was younger I used to get stys very often and they said it was from stress. But I dont see one.
I also wear mascara but havent put any on for a few weeks. And I dont wear contacts. My eyes arent dry and infact tear very often.

I went to the eye DR about 6 months ago when I got new glasses and they gave me a regular exam.  
Is this something that might go away because there doesnt seem to be any redness of inflamation (inflammation) or should I go see my eye DR?

Thank you for any imput you may have


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Dear Toomanyadvil,

You definitely are experiencing discomfort and symptoms, which I would not ignore.  I would definitely get it checked by an EyeMD.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California 92121
Thank you very much Dr, Feldman.
The pain has subsided and left behind is a small sore or bump. It may have been there are I just didnt see it. Maybe this is a stye. I have been under alot of stress which is why I used to get them constantly.
Thank you again for your input

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